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Cataract Eye Drops for Pets

Eye Cataracts in Pets Details

As your much loved dog ages, eye health becomes a major concern, 75% of Australian dogs develop blindness within 1 Year & 18 months of this diagnosis. Cataracts can occur from disease, old age and trauma to the eyes, but inherited conditions are the most common cause. Cataracts may be present at birth or develop when a dog is very young which can be very traumatic for the dog and the owner. A high-incidence of cataracts is also often attributed to diabetes.

Breeds seen at Animal Eye Care and by veterinary scientists at Australian and New Zealand College with inherited cataracts include Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Australian Cattle Dogs, Maltese, Boston Terriers, Bichon Frise and Golden Retrievers. It is difficult (except in some diabetics) to look at a cataract and determine the cause. As dogs age they find it difficult fighting off free radicals that cause oxidative stress eye is further deprived of other essential nutrients for your pet's health.

The lens of the eye acts like a shield to the retina, so the highly oxidised environment within the cells result from sunlight and oxygen causing oxidative punishment to vision, causing dogs to have blurry vision. If the cataract is small, it will not likely disturb the dog's vision too much, but cataracts must be treated daily with ethos cataract drops for pets because the thicker and denser they become, the more likely it is they will lead to blindness.

Signs and Symptoms of Cataracts Developing in your Pet
If your pets eyes look cloudy or bluish-grey in one or both eyes and you notice they start regularly bumping into walls or other objects this could be the start of cataracts developing .They may even start tripping and not able to go up and down stairs as confident as they once did. Even worse they may not be able to recognise you and other family members.

If you suspect cataracts we suggest you take them to an eye expert/canine ophthalmologist for diagnosis as soon as possible. Cataracts are normally painless, but they can cause inflammation and result in permanent eye damage if left untreated could lead to blindness. Your veterinarian can help you decide whether surgery or eye drops is necessary. Cataract Surgery can be expensive and has its complications especially in older dogs. Your pet insurer may not want to pay for costly cataract surgery as your pet's quality of life and health deteriorates with old age, but may pay for Bright eyes drops for Pets.

Dogs at Increased Risk
Once your pets lens has developed a cataract, there is no known method to make the lens completely clear again. Immature, mature, and hyper mature cataracts can be treated by surgically removing or with Ethos NAC pet eye drops for cataracts. Factors that must be considered before surgery are age, general health, and the health of the eyes themselves. Cataract surgery can not only be costly but stressful for both the dog and its devoted owner. The Australian Veterinary Association still suggests that surgery is the only effective method to remove the cloudy lens from the eye. However, nutritional support with Ethos bright eyes for pets can help to prevent, dissolve or lessen the severity of developing cataracts. This Natural Nutritional supplementation for the eyes can help to enhance lens health by providing oral antioxidants designed specifically for support of the canine and human eye.

Pets Cataract Diagnosis
There are four types of dog cataracts which can be treated with Bright eyes eye drops:
-Congenital cataracts (birth defect)
- Traumatic cataracts (damage to lens)
- Senile cataracts (age related)
- Developmental cataracts (disease and medical conditions)

Diagnosis is usually done by eye expert/canine ophthalmologist. A full list of veterinary ophthalmologist can be found on a number of websites including Australian Animal Welfare Trust and The Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation (ACAHF). In fact, most dogs with cataracts do not need surgery using eye drops as a canine vision supplement can be just as effective.

Pet Cataract Treatment and Management
There are many benefits in using cataract drops when they are chosen over surgery. This option is much less expensive than a surgical procedure and the complications of post surgery can be completely avoided. Ethos Endymion Bright Eyes for Pets is the most advanced eye formulation ever developed and contains lubricants, vitamins and N-Acetyl-Carnosine which is a Powerful Super Antioxidant.

The eye drops are also highly recommended after cataract surgery if you chose this method to prevent secondary cataracts. The drops purport to address cataracts in all animals' not just dogs.

Bright eyes treat cataracts like no other eye drops can and you will soon see
- Acuity of vision improved rapidly.
- Cataracts shrink or dissolve.
- Proteins disentangled.
- Cataracts became more transparent.
- Improved visual behaviour within weeks

Even if your pet has both immature and ripe cataracts, using ethos bright eyes shows visual improvement within weeks giving them a better quality of life.

Each ethos eye drop box for pets comes with 2 x 5ml bottles which should last one week when treating both eyes applying 7-8 drops per day. It is recommended that a full course of 6 boxes to last 6 weeks. This is the time period for the cataracts to dissolve. If you have more mature cataracts it could take slightly longer and more boxes, equally if your cataracts are not so severe it could take less.

Bright Eyes is 100% hypoallergenic and 100% Sterile.

Bright Eyes for Cataracts for Pets Ingredient's
- Antioxidants: N-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC) - 1.0%
- Glycerin (lubricant) - 1.0%
- Carboxymethylcellulose sodium (lubricant) - 0.3%
- Vitamin A
- Vitamin E
- Buffered with borates and potassium bicarbonate and as a preservative.
- Sterile water (ophthalmic grade isotonic solution, pH 6.3 to 6.5).
- Purified benzyl alcohol.

Recommended Usage
It is recommend using between 8 and 10 Ethos NAC Bright Eyes Drops for Pets daily which should use one 2x5ml bottle every 10 days. The drops should be applied hourly and the number of times of daily application depends on the severity of your pet's condition. Those with more severe conditions may need to complete another course of 6 week treatment = 6 boxes. Our statistics show that 80% of customers see significant improvements in their pets within the first 6 weeks.

To apply bright eyes drops to your pet or an animal, firstly ensure that they are relaxed and comfortable. It may be easier for two people to apply the drops as they should be held securely to prevent injury.

Tilt their head backwards and open the eye fully, gently squeeze the bottle above the eye to release just one drop.

Gently close your pet's eyes for 2 minutes to avoid the liquid being flushed out.

You should wait a minimum of 30 minutes in-between applying different types of eye drops.

Pet Bright Eyes NAC Eye Drops - Notes For Use
The Cataract eye drops for pets should be kept somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight. After a noticeable improvement in your pet's condition it is advised to continue the use of the drops to achieve and too maintain maximum eye health and visual accuracy by applying one or two drops daily.

Even if your pet seems to have fully recovered and have no more problems you should still keep applying one or two drops a day to prevent and visual impairment returning or developing in the future.

Along with the eye drops it is recommended to give 2g or 3g of Ethos ?lan vital supplement in powder form, this is easiest to give mixed in with food. Bright eyes drops are particularly beneficial to those animals that suffer from tiredness and soreness of the eyes from old age. If you can see your pet is distressed than add one or two drops for instant relief.


Janice - Blackwater, QLD
I have always been aware that my dog can't talk and he relies on me for a few things. The love and companionship he gives me in return more than pays the price. When he seemed to have a left eye that I could best describe as starting to look strange, I went to my vet who said it was cataracts. I immediately thought I should have seen this earlier. I looked online for an alternative to surgery even though I was prepared to pay for that if necessary. I found Ethos and the cataract drops that seemed to have received such good reviews. They were worth a try I thought, and I am pleased I did. His eye improved over the next few weeks and I am checking regularly that the cure is permanent. To date everything is fine, thanks to Ethos.

Jill -Bridgewater, SA
My spaniel is diabetic and although we have that under control, a bi-product of diabetes can be cataracts and she started to develop them in both eyes. They proved difficult to sort out until I found Bright Eyes from Ethos. I ordered them and they arrived promptly. I must report that they have been a great success and would recommend them to anyone.

Annette - Chicago, USA
My cat is a real roamer. We live right out of town with plenty of fields for her and she goes out all the time. Then suddenly, she seemed reluctant to leave the house and we could not work out why. My husband noticed her eyes were not as clear as they used to be and the vet said it was cataracts. Rather than think about expensive surgery, he looked online and found some drops on Ethos' website. We are both delighted by the result and our cat must be as well because as soon as she has eaten her food, off she goes again.

Suzie - El Paso, USA
I have always had horses and my current one is probably my favorite ever. He is five years old, and until recently very fit. I started to worry that something was wrong but had no idea what it was so I called the vet who checked him for everything. Who would have thought it would be an eye problem? I am prepared to do whatever it takes for him but still do not want to waste money when I need not so I looked on the web for alternatives and came up with drops that claimed to be effective in curing cataracts. They did. I got them from Ethos and cannot thank Peter and the company enough for their help and advice.

Terry - Swansea, NSW
I used Bright Eyes from Ethos to treat my Labrador for cataracts and I have to say that they have done the trick. Before you think about laser surgery, give them a try!

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